Da Kine Design - web sites in Hawaii.Aloha and Welcome...

This site has been neglected forever! I am now in the process of a redesign... Just couldn't stand it any more. Below are just a few sample of my work. If you would like to see other examples, please contact me. So sorry for any inconvenience, but prefer to put my energy into my client's sites :).

We believe that it is important to strive for a web presence that is well designed, clean, enjoyable, fast-loading, user friendly and gives the viewer clear information.

Da Kine Design, now what does this mean??

da·kine   adj. 1. The right stuff 2. In the most excellent way 3. Best condition or quality 4. Well behaved 5. Favorable 6. Reliable; safe: a good investment.

Also, in Hawaii, it not uncommon to overhear or to be a part of a conversation that may go like this: "We're going to, you know, da kine." Reply..."Yeah, we're going there tomorrow." Now, in this conversation, those participating know exactly what they're talking about!

Oh, it also goes nicely with Design!!!

Not sure what you might want from your web site? On many of the sites that we have had the privilege of designing, we have created the graphics as well as the layout. If you know what you want ... GREAT! If you don't, well, we can help!

Thanks for visiting!